Accessible health care and healing is a human right. We work for a community where health and healing are available to all.

850 people were homeless in Boulder County in 2014, 125 of whom were chronically homeless as determined by the point-in-time estimation process.*

While the uninsured population in Boulder County has been trending in a positive direction in recent years, nearly 28,000 people were living without health insurance in 2014 according the County Health and Human Services Department (roughly 8% of the population).*

The Reverend Sally Bowersox, founder and Executive Director, of St. Benedict Health and Healing Ministry, will be retiring on 1 July 2018.  As we say “good bye” and wish Sally many blessings, we look forward to welcoming Mr. Bill Goodwin as her successor to the position of Executive Director.  Mr. Goodwin will begin this position on 1 July 2018. You can read his bio here.


St. Benedict’s helps keep people from falling through the cracks in the heath care system.  All of our services are no cost, and we are completely non-denominational in our outreach.

Our Free Clinics provide:

  • Low level triage (assessment and care planning)
  • Heart health and blood pressure screening and education
  • Diabetes screening and education
  • Men’s and women’s health screening
  • Preventative health care education
  • Advocacy and Referrals to a primary care provider and local community clinic
  • Connection to Dental Aid and dental health screening
  • Access to HIV testing and counseling
  • Access to mammography
  • Simple wound care
  • Foot care
  • Health care education and advocacy


St. Benedict volunteer health care professionals offer free clinics weekly in the following locations:

  • St. John’s Episcopal Church, 1419 Pine Street, downtown Boulder
  • First Congregational Church, 1128 Pine Street, Boulder
  • Sister Carmen Community Center’s Food Bank 655 Aspen Ridge Drive, Lafayette
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, 2200 Broadway in Boulder
  • OUR Center in Longmont

Every free clinic is an oasis of hospitality and compassion.

St Benedict Health and Healing Ministry has a home office and clinic in partnership with Sister Carmen Community Center.

“St Benedict’s is different from other service organizations.  You see, I had no fear I would be banished or denied service.”

“I’ve had a number of health care problems, some major and some minor, but St Benedict’s has always been there to help out.”

* Stats from The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County’s Boulder County Trends report 2015.

St. Benedict Health and Healing Ministry P. O. Box 325 Louisville Colorado 80027 303-380-3132